Excavator with concrete hydraulic clamps

Publish Time: 2023-05-18
Excavator with hydraulic tongs crocodile clamp is mainly used for demolition, separation of reinforced concrete and other projects. The crocodile teeth are made into a special shape to firmly fix the concrete block, wedged and crushed for rapid crushing, and the inside is equipped with a steel bar cutter, which can cut the exposed steel bar while crushing the concrete, and directly demolish buildings, houses and other buildings, so that the crushing operation is more efficient. The crocodile clamp has a wide opening and a large bite force, which is suitable for various tonnage excavators.

The hydraulic crushing pliers are composed of pliers body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw and fixed jaw, and the external hydraulic system provides oil pressure for the hydraulic cylinder, so that the movable jaw and fixed jaw of the hydraulic crusher are closed one by one to achieve the effect of crushing objects.

How it works

Installed on the excavator, powered by the excavator, the movable jaw and fixed jaw of the hydraulic crusher are combined to achieve the effect of crushing concrete, and the steel bars in the concrete can be recycled and reused.


1. Connect the pin hole of the hydraulic crusher to the pin hole at the front end of the excavator;

2. Connect the pipeline on the excavator with the hydraulic crushing tongs;

3. The operation of the crusher can be borrowed, and after installation, the operation of crushing concrete blocks can be carried out.

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